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While it is yet Day: The Launch

Me, signing a few copies of the book

What a fun evening! While it is yet Day, the story of Elizabeth Fry, was finally launched last night at Orphans Publishing in Leominster, Herefordshire.

It was the first of two launches – the second takes place at Hatchards, Piccadilly on Wednesday 28th October at 6.30pm. The book was actually published on Thursday 8th October [Super Thursday!] and is now available online to buy from www.orphanspublishing.co.uk and also from Amazon as a hardback or an ebook.

The offices at Orphans looked amazing last night; thanks for all the hard work, team. There had been a spring clean [nothing like an event to spur one into action], some smart new chairs arrived, book shelves were tidied and then tidied again, flowers appeared so too did plenty of wine, soft drinks and canapes.

And a big surprise – the most amazing cake featuring the wonderful cover of the book. Plus cupcakes (delicious!) featuring the Orphans Publishing logo of an orphan girl reading a book.

Helen Bowden, or as I call her, The Boss said a few words and introduced the book and then I gave a brief run down of Elizabeth Fry’s many attributes. I have heard her described as a saint – I am not sure she would be comfortable with that. Me neither. She was mortal like the rest of us and aware of her faults, as we are too. But for a woman from a wealthy background who had 11 children to worry about, she certainly did more than her fair share of caring for the under-privileged. If the rest of us did even a percentage of that, the world would be a better place. One kindness a day. Would that be too much to ask, I wonder.

We sold lots of books last night and are now focusing on the launch at Hatchards. This will be so exciting. Hatchards was founded in 1797 when Elizabeth Fry was just 17 years of age. It is London’s oldest bookshop and holds three Royal Warrants. We will be sending a copy of While it is yet Day to Her Majesty The Queen as a gift to mark her becoming the country’s longest reigning monarch. Her great, great grandmother, Queen Victoria, who held this record before her, was an admirer of Elizabeth Fry.

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